A Few Words About Us

Aircraft Paint Supply, a subsidiary of Vitatoe Industries, Inc., was started in February 2007. Our daily goal is to be the best single source for aircraft refinishing products. We offer the highest quality aviation primer and paint with our Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings and Axalta Aviation Finishes. Along with hundreds of other ancillary products, we distribute Mirka and 3M products in order to have any paint preparation item needed for your job. We are customer-oriented and strive to be an excellent resource of product and trouble-shooting information for the aviation refinishing industry. Our technicians have practical paint mixing and application experience through our parent company Vitatoe Industries, a specialist in liquid coatings for the heavy-duty trucking industry. Call or email today for a quote request or to ask one of our tech reps a question!

Why Choose Us

At Aircraft Paint Supply, we don’t just take orders and ship products; we have practical knowledge of the products that we sell and can make detailed recommendations specific to the needs of your aviation refinishing job. We continue to research best practices for the industry as well as stay up-to-date on the latest technology for aircraft painting. Our relationships with some of the top manufacturers of these products give us further sources for information and assistance for our customers. We are quick to respond, reliable, and ready to service your paint and preparation product needs!

Selecting Our Product Line

When Aircraft Paint Supply was formed, we were very selective of the product lines that we chose to offer. Our line card consists of some of the best products in the marketplace to refinish a myriad of aircraft. From small riveted airplanes and helicopters to commercial jet liners, we have the products needed to accomplish premium paint jobs. Call or email for more information for your next project!